Thursday, January 18, 2007

The effectiveness of joint support formulas

Joint support formulas most commonly are a combination of Glucosamine and Chondroiton, mixed with other additives depending upon the manufacturer. People normally look at Joint Support Formulas as something where you are never sure if it's doing anything, similar to the way we view multivitamins. We know they are doing good, but it is not something we feel.
A few months ago I started taking AST's Pro Flex 750 on a regular basis. It's a minor miracle that at 31 I have no joint issues or injuries considering all of the mayhem I have put my body through, and so I have been tightening up my nutrition and supplementation program. Along with glucosamine I have been using Essential Fatty Acids on a regular basis, which are also shown to have a positive effect on joint health. I didn't really think much about it until about two weeks ago when I started having knee pain, which I have had in the past. Nothing major, just little twinges when I kneel down in certain positions at work. I then realized that for whatever reason, I had tossed my Glucosamine bottle in my bag and forgotten to take it back out, so I had not been using it for about two weeks. One good way to conduct an experiment, is to have subjects who do not know they are being tested, and I was one such subject. Due to this I was not able to consciously manipulate the results to achieve a result I may have desired.
The bottom line is that I believe these products work, and would be a good addition to anyone's supplementation program. Also remember that you do not need to already have joint pain, the best medicine is the preventative kind.

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