Friday, June 29, 2007

Payment system online

As I know doing cash or check transactions can be a pain I have put a payment system online next to the calendar on the website. This will be able to handle single session payments as well as 10 session packages. After you click the button just look for the credit card symbols at the bottom of the page to go around the paypal system. All transactions will receive a receipt from paypal as well as from myself. Most of you know I despise the business end of this, but I do want to make it as easy on you as humanly possible. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Scouting locations

Since I got back I've literally been just walking around San Francisco scouting out different training locations. I've found several areas of the city that provide great training spaces such as flights of stairs with landings big enough for kettlebell training, trails for dragging or sprinting, tracks, etc. Next week I'm going to try to do some videos demonstrating how I integrate environment into training. This will definitely open up a whole new range of possibilities for my clients in their training. I intend to do the same thing in Palo Alto over the next two weeks, although I probably won't walk it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Training for 300

I told some of you about the training for the movie '300' conducted by Gym Jones, and here, finally, is the video clip from youtube, Those of you who have trained with me will recognize some of these tactics. All whole body, very functional movements that develop the unit as a whole.
Now on to the controversy! Mark Twight runs gym jones and has been called out by Crossfit founder Greg Glassman for essentially stealing their intellectual property. As much as I like what Mr. Twight and Gym Jones have done it seems like they're nailed dead to rights. Not that the crossfit concept has never appeared before in one form or another, but Coach Glassman is the one who caused it to coalesce into something usable by the masses.
Still, the training video is cool.

Monday, June 25, 2007

My return to the Bay Area

Apparently you cannot just 'tough out' a torn tendon in your hand. I believe the injury I sustained while doing pull-ups before I left started this process, and an accident on the assault course at Camp Roberts is what caused the tear to become unmanageable. Currently my finger is in something called a 'reverse knuckle bender' which is as painful as it sounds. I have another six weeks or so of this, and if it is not corrected, possibly surgery. I have all the fun.
I am currently sitting in the USO in Philadelphia waiting for my flight back to California. Of course I have mixed feelings about all of this, but with all the near misses I have had with Iraq, I think someone is trying to tell me something. I managed to check into two units right after they got back, my mother's death knocked me off the last deployment, and now this. It's time to close the book on my decade of military service.
I'm currently planning to resume training in July, both in the home and outdoors. When the weather turns against us in around September/October I will also be opening a small facility somewhere between Palo Alto and San Francisco.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Interview with Dr. Wong

This is an interesting interview with a gentleman named Dr. Wong by Mike Mahler. Of particular note is the part on the three most dangerous exercises. Alot of this may not apply to you, but it's always good to read whatever you can and expand your base of knowledge.
Something I found particularly disturbing is the section where the Doctor is giving a lecture to a group of bodybuilders and after speaking on the subject of kidney failure is greeted with chants of "die big, die big!" I will never understand this mentality.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Evolution of training methods

One aspect of being in any teaching role, is the progression of the instructor's methods, i.e. being more efficient. While i do learn more everyday, and improve my base of knowledge, I think one of the most important elements of my growth is my ability to teach more and establish fundamentals more quickly in a shorter time. Having thousands of hours of instruction under my belt now, I feel I am really nailing down the best way to teach. For me it is a combination of instruction, demonstration, practical application, and a healthy dose of humor. The video below I believe is a good example of the evolution of my training methods. This is only Jake's second period of kettlebell instruction, and he is already laying down some good technique. Of course there are form issues, but I think nailing two handed flips kind of makes up for it. By the way, the music is by Hank Williams III from his album 'Straight to Hell'. Highly recommended.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Combat Conditioning at Ft. Dix

So here I am in lovely Ft. Dix, NJ. Yesterday I did some combat conditioning drills and the video for that is below. I try to stick to exercises I can do with little or no extra equipment. The crossfit programs for austere environments are great, but often I can't even get the humvee tires or empty ammo cans I need for that. This morning I took 3rd platoon through pt for the first time and it was a rude awakening for them, particularly those who thought they were in good shape. Ha ha, surprise! Yesterday I also performed a fireman's carry of a 260 lb. soldier, which is my new record. I heard a couple people remarking that it was all technique. People need to start wrapping their heads around the idea that you don't have to be a big meat-head to be strong.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Look, no hands!

So the situation with my finger has now become a situation with my whole hand, which means I haven't been doing any pushups, pull ups, etc. Also, my kettlebell somehow got lost between Cali and NJ, so I can't even do left handed work with it, although I am sure it will show up this week sometime.
Ft. Dix is what it is. At least here I have regular internet access and the living conditions are much better.
Bearing in mind I can't use my hands, the other day I opted to do wind sprints across the lawn with bodyweight squats thrown in between runs. I then strapped on a 40 pound pack and ran up and down the stairs in the barracks until I thought I was going to pass out. Today I feel a whole new level of soreness in places I have never felt it before, so that means it worked.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Heading East

And the journey continues as I head out in the next couple of days to go to New Jersey. I'm not sure what internet access will be like, and the first weeks will probably be a lot of confusion trying to get everything straight in the unit. I'll do my best to keep this thing updated. I just put in an order for Pavel's book beyond bodybuilding, and when I get settled I'll order out a 24 kilo kettlebell, probably in the coming weeks as throwing around the 16 kilo is a little too easy. I can always check my on my phone.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Mailing Address for Ft. Dix

I head over to Ft. Dix this week and I'll be there for the next couple of months before we deploy out.

Mailing Address for Ft. Dix

Sgt. Vezina, Jordan 4896
MRB, A Co. Bldg. 5641
Unit: SRVC BTRY 1-143 FA
Fort Dix, New Jersey 08640-9001

Despite the fact we're an Infantry Unit for some reason we're still designated a field artillery unit, despite there not being an artillery piece in sight. I don't know why.

Joint Mobility Exercises

I've been doing more joint mobility exercises along with stretching lately. I've started making a habit of getting up early to do my movements. I've had a lot of time to read and some of the reading has been Pavel Tsatouline's 'Super Joints'. There's a lot of science behind this stuff, but to break it down shotgun style for you, moving your joints through their full range of motion on a regular basis keeps them from going to hell. I haven't been doing them that long, but I already feel a difference. That means a lot for me, because I put my body through a lot. Wearing body armor and full combat gear, doing a lot of jumping and running, kicking in doors, etc. gives the joints a terrible pounding. Between the mobility exercises and my glucosamine complex I'm still doing quite well, and am much healthier than my counterparts here in their twenties. The toughest part of this is getting into the habit and doing the exercises. It's not something where you're going to feel a 'pump' or some other instant gratification. However, you have to have faith and be focused on doing things that are focused on longevity and living your best life from beginning to end, and not be focused on the six pack or some ideal of yourself you have been sold by hollywood. I'll go into more detail on the joint mobility movements when I have a chance, because I don't want you all to have to read through it all, but if you're up to some self-improvent I highly recommend that above book by Pavel as well as his others to include 'Relax into stretch', 'The Naked Warrior', and 'The Russian Kettlebell Challenge'

Friday, June 1, 2007

Website problems

I've been working on some re-designs, but unfortunately my internet access is very limited so I don't notice the site is a giant mess until it's too late. Hopefully I'll have this remedied over the weekend.

10 years

It was ten years ago today that I found myself standing on the notorious yellow footprints at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. Now I find myself still in the mix. I decided this will be the last go-round, ten years is enough. At the end of it all I'm glad I did it, because these experiences have shaped who I am, and I'm happy with the results.