Thursday, May 31, 2007

The kettlebell walk and squat

I returned to Camp Roberts today from my time off and decided to do some PT. I've started working on my high rep body weight squats more agressively with a current goal of 200 per set. I'm still working up to that.
I was doing a waiter's walk with the kettlebell, essesntially walking with one kettlebell suspended over head, when it occurred to me to stop every five steps and perform an overhead squat, which is squatting while keeping the kettlebell extended over your head. What makes this particularly grueling is the fact that you can't just bang it out like doing ten snatches. It takes a while to complete each evolution, during which time you must keep that kettlebell up. I suggest targeting either a certain number of squats or a certain distance covered. You can also decrease or increase the number of steps between squats. Use your imagination, that's what it's there for.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The video section is up, and the beginning of the ebook

I finally have the video section up on the website. Currently there are a couple videos up that you have already seen on the blog: The one of Cindy at the Dish, and the one of myself doing some pre-deployment training.
I have started writing what will be a short e-book on my training philosophy, as well as the difference between cosmetic fitness and true fitness. Basically it contains all the stuff I usually put in e-mails or on the blog. If you've ever heard me go into one of my endless spiels (you know, the ones where you're thinking "God, how long can one person talk?) you've heard a lot of what will be in there.
There is a movement occurring out there in the world of fitness against all of the machines and the endless pedaling on the stationary bike, a movement that wants you to actually reap rewards for all of the work you put out aside from maybe losing a few pounds. A movement that knows it is more important to have strong joints and good knees, true strength and strong cardio than a six pack. A movement that doesn't really care about the 'perception'. When we are told we should just give the client what they want and not what they need, we start trying to figure out how to make you understand what you need, instead of wasting your time. It isn't just about wasting your time either, it's about getting the most out of your life. Would you rather be healthy, active, and physically capable at 60 or even 70, or have a cool photo of the six pack you used to have, shot knees, and a stooped back?
Yeah, me too.
It isn't easy to be part of this movement. You have to crack a book. You have to study, try new techniques, learn all you can, and be honest with yourself. You have to be able to admit to yourself that maybe the way you have been doing things wasn't the most efficient, and that's ok. Better to figure out your flaws and fix them than spend the rest of your life walking the wrong way down a one way road because of stupid pride.
So let's get to it.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The quest for a tire

I'm on a military base and I can't find a frigging tire to save my life. All I want is to do tire flips, is that so much to ask? My level of fitness is so far above everyone else's that it's laughable. Then I try to explain that their weight lifting and running isn't getting the job done, but the message isn't getting through. Everytime I try to get someone to PT with me they suddenly have something else they have to do. Oh well. Sgt. Steele and I were split up into different companies, so we aren't able to train together anymore, which is a bummer, but I'm self motivating. I'm looking forward to getting back to SF for memorial day weekend before I head back out.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Total Destruction

Sgt. Steele and I have been doing our own PT here at the Camp and have been totally destroying ourselves, which is excellent. The gym here is pretty much a joke. It is full of machines, there is not a single free weight. However, there are some pull up bars and a Wrestler's Peg Board in the basketball court area. We made use of those along with some kettlebell swings and hindu squats and achieved a new level of exhaustion. Otherwise everything is going ok here. We did a machine gun shoot the other day which was pretty cool. More to come. :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Out of town

Right now I am out of town, and down south at a base for pre-deployment training. I have already begun a new pt regimen with another Sergeant so I don't start getting lax, which surprisingly enough would be easy to do. After you've been running around all day the last thing you want to do is swing a kettlebell. So far everything is good, and I'll have some time off for memorial day weekend. I'll only be down here for a short while, so I'm not putting up my mailing address, but once I head out of Cali I'll post something for those of you who may be wondering where to send the sacks of gold coins to.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Chalker Slings and Things

I'm really amazed by how good the gear has become since I was active in the Marines from 97-01. Sunglasses that resist fragmentation, the new Army Combat Uniform that is more integrated with body armor functions. I picked up something called a 'Chalker Sling' from blackhawk that is going to be very beneficial. I've been using Blackhawk gear since about '99, and I am indeed betting my life on it. I pulled an old CQB Rigger's Belt out of my pack that I bought in '99 and put it side by side with a new one I bought for this deployment. They look identical. I put that belt through a lot, and it still looks like it just fell out of the package.
If you know anyone in law enforcement or the military who isn't familiar with Blackhawk, have them check it out
They're based in VA and SEAL Team 4 was testing their gear before we started picking it up, despite SEAL Team 4 having tested it. We weren't big fans.
Today I drove up to my Dad's place to spend a last weekend with the family, and deliver my cat Allie to her new home. No, not as in Alley Cat. Remember that show from the 80's, 'Kate and Allie'? Now you know my terrible secret. Look, Kate was piping hot, I was 12.
Don't judge me.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Agatsu Kettlebells

I recently ordered and received a 16 kilo kettlebell from agatsu kettlebells located at

Overall this is a very well made kettlebell, and is much smoother than the RKC's I am used to wielding. Not that smoothness makes much of a difference unless you're trying to control your callous development.
The only downfall is that the finish is not very resilient. Mine came with a dent in the finish from where something slammed into the box, and the first time I dropped it in some rough sand it became scratched up. However, if you're using these inside or on the grass I don't see that being much of a problem. The fact that including shipping the total for my 16 kilo was about $50, more than makes up for some scratches.