Tuesday, February 6, 2007

3 month Kettlebell Challenge

Having built what I consider to be a sufficient base of strength and mass I have recently decided to re-gear my training program toward combat endurance in accordance with my current status in the National Guard. The requirements involved here are
1. Being able to haul awkward weights (such as packs, ammo cans, mortar tubes, etc.) over long distances and also during short interval sprints.
2. To be able to apply both strength and low intensity endurance simultaneously in short bursts such as kicking in doors, jumping barriers, performing fireman's carry with up to 220 lbs.
3. To build the strength necessary for being Dominant in real world hand to hand combat, which is much different from sport or street fighting.

In order to do this I am applying some of the crossfit principles as well as my own. I am going to build up to using some of the workouts of the day as warm ups, but my central program will revolve around the use of kettlebells, one day of traditional weight training focusing on the olympic lifts, and three days of running with a pack or other weight.
I will be employing the use of the kettlebells as my primary strength training and endurace tools. This will include one day of primarily strength based movements (or 'grinds'), and two days focusing on the endurance based movements ('ballistic'). There is no real strict separation between the strength and endurance training, which is the intention as the event I am training for has no respect for any such distinction.
I believe that ultimately this training program (sufficiently adapted for non-combat training) will be very useful in all around strength and endurance development.
Having come off nearly two weeks of not working out due to a death in the family I am taking the next two weeks to build back up before embarking upon this program. I will also be posting details on the workouts as far as what I am doing, and how I am progressing, i.e. weights, kettlebell weights, run times, etc. This will also help to keep me honest and on task. :)


Note: My position in the guard is no endorsement of any political plan or ideal. I simply do not discuss such things. My primary purpose is the training, support, and education of young soldiers going into harm's way.

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