Friday, May 4, 2007

Chalker Slings and Things

I'm really amazed by how good the gear has become since I was active in the Marines from 97-01. Sunglasses that resist fragmentation, the new Army Combat Uniform that is more integrated with body armor functions. I picked up something called a 'Chalker Sling' from blackhawk that is going to be very beneficial. I've been using Blackhawk gear since about '99, and I am indeed betting my life on it. I pulled an old CQB Rigger's Belt out of my pack that I bought in '99 and put it side by side with a new one I bought for this deployment. They look identical. I put that belt through a lot, and it still looks like it just fell out of the package.
If you know anyone in law enforcement or the military who isn't familiar with Blackhawk, have them check it out
They're based in VA and SEAL Team 4 was testing their gear before we started picking it up, despite SEAL Team 4 having tested it. We weren't big fans.
Today I drove up to my Dad's place to spend a last weekend with the family, and deliver my cat Allie to her new home. No, not as in Alley Cat. Remember that show from the 80's, 'Kate and Allie'? Now you know my terrible secret. Look, Kate was piping hot, I was 12.
Don't judge me.

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