Monday, July 13, 2009

The first reviews for my DVD

"My points are:
1. This is definitely not one of those useless, but flashy dvds, and I am grateful for this...
2. You stick to the basics, and that is one of the biggest advantages of the DVD. You show details that many of us know already, but are probably not using actively.
3. The DVD is a big help for medium level kettlebell practitioners, but most of all it is mainly a very useful source for RKC instructors, kind of a video notes for the RKC manual.
I am very satisfied with the quality of the information, and I would definitely buy a copy."

Peter Lakatos RKC Team Leader

"I received an advance copy of Jordan's DVD the "Corrections" and was wondering what more could he come up with since I have seen all of his youtube videos already. I was lucky enough to have a kettlebell nearby when I started watching the DVD. I got so excited about a few of the corrections I had to pause the DVD to try them out for myself. I have always been amazed how small corrections can lead to big leaps in progress. Through out the DVD the corrections Jordan suggested made so much sense I couldn't wait to try them out on myself and my clients. For myself I found many "wtf" or like we say "Ah Ha" moments in the DVD. Jordan's Corrections DVD is filled with "Ah Ha" moments. If you own ETK this is a must have to help in perfecting your technique. I give the DVD 5 Stars!!!!!"
Joey Williams RKC, NSCA-CPT, UC Berkeley Special Response Unit Police Officer

"I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to review Jordan Vezina's new DVD, The Corrections. Most of the people out there either new to hardstyle kettlebell training or following the progress being made in the evolution of hardstyle kettlebell training are familiar with Jordan's videos available for free online. Like most of you I rely heavily on Jordan's videos to help perfect my form. I'm very lucky in that I live 5 minutes from where Jordan trains and have benefited from private instruction from Jordan.
After viewing The Corrections I can say that, aside from personal instruction from Jordan, this DVD is the next best thing to having Jordan train you personally. The basic hardstyle movements are given full attention and you most likely find that you are making common mistakes in your training that can be difficult to self correct without guidance. This DVD is your guidance towards hardstyle perfection. Just the section on proper body posture and form in the military press alone is a gold mine of information. Be assured though that equally detailed sections on the goblet squat, clean, swing and snatch will have you making this DVD your most highly used resource for correction.
Beyond the extremely detailed instruction from Jordan, the production of the DVD is very nicely done. Like the Jordan's delivery of the subject matter everything is clearly presented, simple and efficient. Everything is geared towards making sure that you know precisely what you need to do. There is no glitz or excess fluff here, just knowledge being passed on to you from one of the best hard-style kettlebell instructors in the world. I consider this DVD an indispensable part of my kettlebell library and give it my highest recommendation."

Kai Johnson

"Using kettlebells properly will change your life in ways you can't imagine yet.
Using kettlebells improperly will change your life in ways that suck.
Kettlebell practice is worth doing throughout your life, as long as you can do it right. Jordan knows how to do it right and he has a wonderful ability to present complex concepts in simple, fun, and clear language that is impossible to misunderstand. I am an RKC and my technique is pretty good. After watching The Corrections, my technique is markedly better.
I can't say enough good things about Jordan and the new DVD. I hope he makes one each week until I die."

Josh Hanagarne RKC, World's Strongest Librarian

Stay tuned for the release this Wednesday. Or just click here. :)

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