Saturday, July 11, 2009

My time is coming to meet the USSST

So by now we know my current primary goals. They're insane so they're easy to remember. See how that works? I've made one small alteration, which is changing the 5 minute snatch test on the 32 kg. to a 10 minute test, otherwise known as the Ultimate Secret Service Snatch Test. I'm also eyeballing the ultimate clean and jerk with the 40 kg. but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

1. Bend the red nail in compliance with IM cert standards.
2. Complete the Beast Challenge by 2010.
3. 200 reps on the 32 kg. in 10 minutes.

I ordered these by how soon I think they'll get done. Where am I on everything now? I can crush Gr5 bolts pretty easily, and I recently took down 14 in a row. I'm going to make a run at some Gr8's this week or next. After the Gr8's I should be close to the red.
I can currently pistol the 40 kg. with authority (Hamstring to calf) and am very, very close to the 44 kg. I'll get the 48 kg. by the San Diego RKC in August.
I'm pressing the 32 kg. for 8 reps at a time. I'm still unlocking my shoulders, and I think once that is done I will rapidly press the 40. It will also be done by august.
I'm only now seriously starting my snatch prep by working into VWC. I'm going to set goals for the 10 minute test to work my way up. I.E. 100 reps in 10, 130, 150, etc.
We'll see.

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