Thursday, July 2, 2009

Taking my own medicine.

The other night I pretty much banned my kettlebell class from squatting until everyone addresses their ankle mobility issues.
So I have decided to take a dose of my own medicine.

That is my shoulder mobility. Knowing this I recently started RTK. Putting that much weight overhead consistently, really fired up my shoulders in a bad way. So as of right now nothing goes over my head until I at least hit symmetrical 2's.
I'm working my FMS corrections consistently and will report back.


  1. Jordan, I'd really be interested in knowing what remedies you use to get yourself to symmetrical 2's.

  2. I've been running through a series of shoulder stretches everyday, 2-3 times a day. It's definitely working. As follows:
    1. RKC Armbar
    2. Stretches from RTK (not sure of the names)
    3. Shoudler dislocations
    4. Pry and Pump from ETK
    5. Teacup mobility drills
    6. Hanging from a pull up bar or doorway
    7. Pec and lat stretches
    8. CK-FMS Corrective drills.

    I'll be doing another video this week marking my progress.

  3. All I know is that is a pretty awesome curtain there. Is that Hello Kitty? Wow your lady must be so amazing. If you keep looking at that curtain Im sure youll shoulder will become more symmetrical.

  4. Nice selection of drills Jordan. I've been using the RKC armbar with the subtle arm stretch, shoudler dislocations with a towel after showing, pump stretch, and generic unprescribed Z-Health drills. I'll have to try out the arm hangs and pec and lat stretches. I guess it's time to buy the CK-FMS DVDs... after I purchase yours, of course! :)