Thursday, June 21, 2007

Evolution of training methods

One aspect of being in any teaching role, is the progression of the instructor's methods, i.e. being more efficient. While i do learn more everyday, and improve my base of knowledge, I think one of the most important elements of my growth is my ability to teach more and establish fundamentals more quickly in a shorter time. Having thousands of hours of instruction under my belt now, I feel I am really nailing down the best way to teach. For me it is a combination of instruction, demonstration, practical application, and a healthy dose of humor. The video below I believe is a good example of the evolution of my training methods. This is only Jake's second period of kettlebell instruction, and he is already laying down some good technique. Of course there are form issues, but I think nailing two handed flips kind of makes up for it. By the way, the music is by Hank Williams III from his album 'Straight to Hell'. Highly recommended.

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