Monday, June 4, 2007

Joint Mobility Exercises

I've been doing more joint mobility exercises along with stretching lately. I've started making a habit of getting up early to do my movements. I've had a lot of time to read and some of the reading has been Pavel Tsatouline's 'Super Joints'. There's a lot of science behind this stuff, but to break it down shotgun style for you, moving your joints through their full range of motion on a regular basis keeps them from going to hell. I haven't been doing them that long, but I already feel a difference. That means a lot for me, because I put my body through a lot. Wearing body armor and full combat gear, doing a lot of jumping and running, kicking in doors, etc. gives the joints a terrible pounding. Between the mobility exercises and my glucosamine complex I'm still doing quite well, and am much healthier than my counterparts here in their twenties. The toughest part of this is getting into the habit and doing the exercises. It's not something where you're going to feel a 'pump' or some other instant gratification. However, you have to have faith and be focused on doing things that are focused on longevity and living your best life from beginning to end, and not be focused on the six pack or some ideal of yourself you have been sold by hollywood. I'll go into more detail on the joint mobility movements when I have a chance, because I don't want you all to have to read through it all, but if you're up to some self-improvent I highly recommend that above book by Pavel as well as his others to include 'Relax into stretch', 'The Naked Warrior', and 'The Russian Kettlebell Challenge'

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