Monday, August 18, 2008

Hilarious Review

I just got this review on my DragonDoor Instructor page. It's definitely in the top five ever. :)

"Jordan didn't make sense to me when I first met him. He seemed like he didn't have much personality or intelligence off the bat. When I got to know him better he is actually extremely intelligent. His workshops and style seem simple only because he is very experienced and selective in his approach. Jordan jokes that he is "lazy," but that is really code for him being selective and efficient. He takes out all the guess work and extraneous information and delivers a succinct, to-the-point style of instruction. He also makes a lot of dry humor jokes that makes whatever he is teaching much more enjoyable than it should be. I enjoyed his class and his style and also I came out of his workshop excited and capable."
Colin Lewis - San Jose, CA