Sunday, September 20, 2009

Are you legit, or are you full of... well you know.

I recently watched this three part interview by Ron Jones on Dr. Rusty Smith.

I've run into Rusty three times now. First he was inextricably hanging around the UCLA RKC. Then I ran into him at Pavel's stretching workshop in Sacramento. Then last month he was on my team at the San Diego RKC. I didn't really get Rusty at first, and then he said something that connected a lot of dots for me.
"Living like this... in cities is very counter to our nature."
Some of you may not get that, but it hit me like a ton of bricks.
Many people know I'm not a big fan of the tree huggers or the shrub humpers, but they mistake why this is. It's not because I'm against eating organic, protecting the earth, etc. It's because so often these people come off as so fake it leaves a taste of plastic in my mouth. I can tell when you're doing this stuff because you're legit, and when you're doing it because you want to communicate what a good person you are. You don't perceive the value within yourself, so you seek validation from others by trying to become a reflection of what they wish they saw in the mirror. It's a viscous cycle.
This is like people who are constantly spouting lessons learned from a life they never lived. Okay I get it, you read a book. Here's the problem. When you haven't lived that life, when you haven't truly suffered and shouldered responsibility and had leadership thrust upon you, it sounds fake. It's like a five year old walking around in his father's suit and trying to convince everyone he is the real deal. Stop worrying so much about the next brilliant thing you're going to say and just frigging BE!
Stop worrying about trying to attain enlightenment in this life, it's a cheat! You haven't done the time, so you don't get to pass go, you do not get to collect $200. Go get beaten for a few years and get back to me if you want your hall pass.

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  1. Awesome interview. Thanks for posting this.

    I got to meet Rusty at the Sacramento seminars as well. Very nice guy and he made a big impression on me in a very short time.