Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First try double snatching 28's

This went okay, but as soon as I looked at the video I realized my hips weren't really snapping, I was definitely muscling these up. Back to the 24's for more sets and reps. This isn't really any kind of goal, more of an interest. I'd like to be able to smoothly put up 32's.
I'll steer clear of the 28's until I can get 10 solid reps on the 24's.


  1. Jordan, thanks for the comments on my blog. I am still working my CK-FMS restrictions, but getting them pretty clean. I think the biggest restriction of mine is strength in the hole on the pistol. Any tips you could give me would be great. I do agree with you about the vo2 snatches. I am going to ask Alan to expand on his thoughts. Strong work with the 28''re on the right track...stay a bit lighter and you'll be their in no time!

  2. Thanks Carl. How are your hips and ankles? I used to have the same issue, and it turned out it was a mobility problem. It was hard to stay tight because I was fighting my own 'tightness'. Triggering off the handle of the bell via squeezing it hard at the bottom also helps. I do the same thing with my fists in a bw get up. You may also go just below parallel. There seems to be a 'bottom' that people hit, and when they fall through it they can't stay tight.

  3. Jordan, thanks for the insight. My calcaneus on each foot was not moving a bit. A few adjustment from the chiro and the ankle has much more motion. The pistols are on their way!