Friday, January 22, 2010

Progress this week: 100 pistols per leg and 32 kg. snatching

I had a pretty good week for PR's. I hit 100 pistols per leg with the 12 kg. in sixty minutes, and achieved 25 snatches on my right hand with the 32 kg. Left shoulder is still tweakey, so I opted not to test that side. I will hit 30/30 in the coming months with the 32 kg. and I will pistol the 48 kg. It's coming.


  1. Wow! How's snatchin' in the boots work out for ya?

  2. Good work! You inspired me. I think I'll work the 32kg snatch on the left hand while the right shoulder continues healing up. Meanwhile, VWC 16kg 15:15 right and left has been feeling pretty good too shoulder-wise.

  3. Good work man! The 32 kg is different than the 24 kg of sure!

    TSC goal for this year? My goal is to do 100 reps of the 32 kg for the Snatch test in 5 min.

    You will get the Beast for sure!

    Keep it up! Love the music by Mudvayne too! Hell ya

    rock on
    Mike T Nelson PhD(c)
    Extreme Human Performance

  4. Stevo- I must say I feel more stable in the boots. There might be something to that.

    Michael- You'll be killing it with the 32 kg. before you know it.

    Mike- Rocking is my business, and business is good.