Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More on crossfit/ kettlebell training in application to running

For the past month or so all of my training has been of the functional nature, as far as dragging tires, kettlebells, jumping, pull ups, push ups, rowing, etc. One thing I do not do much is run. In fact, without realizing it, I have run about once in the past three months. I don't run much in the first place in order to save my joints, and because it's just not necessary unless you want to get good at running. However, I do intend to start running with a pack or dragging a 20-40 lb. duffel bag. So in order to kick the specificity of running back in I went for a quick three miler on sunday. I ran it like it was nothing, most of the time breathing through my nose thanks to my new allergy medication. :)
So my belief that my high endurance training would condition my cardio and leg strength sufficiently for running without acutally having to perform the event was correct. The only issue I had was some soreness the next day from my feet striking the ground, as my workouts are normally almost all non-impact.

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