Saturday, March 3, 2007

Building combat endurance Pt. 1

I have begun fine tuning my approach to building combat endurace, otherwise known as tactical endurance. Part of this involves making sure I can always train, regardless of where I might be. I use bodyweight exercises such as Hindu Squats, Push Ups, running, etc. The kettlebells will be useful once I get a few of my own, and I'm going to put a lockable box in the back of my jeep to keep them in. Part of this was removing my back seat, which I did today. I also picked up a tire from a friend of mine (complete with rim) which I estimate to weigh about 80 lbs. I made a harness for it today using an old camelbak I have, and I'm going to start dragging it tomorrow. The camelbak is useful because I can keep water and some powergel or something in there. Once I get good with the tire I'm going to start carrying a duffelbag as well over my shoulder and start increasing the weight on that. I'm going to workout with my brother tomorrow, so I might have him take some pictures. It'll look cool in the snow. :)
My system of training has changed so much over the past four months it's unbelievable, and it's only getting better. I am in better shape than I've ever been, and I am only getting stronger and gaining more endurance. If I can just get Equinox to let me bring the tire in, we'll really have some fun.

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