Thursday, March 22, 2007

Today's Workout

This was horrible. In a good way. It was not performed in this exact order, but these are the totals.

KB High Pull, caught mid air, squat, drop, 1 pull up. 5x12k, 5x12k, 5x16k, 5x16k
Burpee, one arm KB snatch with each arm, pull up " "
Burpee, Mule kick (pushing into partial handstand, pull up " "
Deck Squat hlding kettlbell, pull up " "

24 inch box jump 6 sets of 10

Hindu squats 2x20

Concept 2 rower 500m

Pain and Suffering: Perform a two handed high pull, release the ketlebell at head level and catch underneath, squat holding it, stand back up, grip by the horns, and perform a deck squat holding kettlebell. Just like the name implies, this sucks.
5x12k, 5x12k, 5x16k, 5x16k

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