Thursday, April 5, 2007

I am not a crazy person

Dragging the tire has become a core part of my routine, as since I started doing this my strength and endurance have both increased a good deal. Working the entire body, in particular the back and legs, is essentially supercharging the body whole. The tire alone is about 80 lbs. I think. This became a little too easy, so I dropped a 24 kilo kettlebell in the middle of it, and also used this to perform snatches at either end of the drag.
One of the other Equinox trainers, Lisa, decided she wanted to drag the tire as well. At no point did she cry, fall apart, or burst into flames. She did quite well, dragging it the length of the parking lot and back, as well as performing some rows/pulls with it.

So once again, there is no reason women cannot pursue strength training in much the same way (if not exactly the same way) that men do.

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