Friday, April 20, 2007

Tactical Training

Time is winding down folks. Most of my gear should be on the way, although some appears to be floating around out in the ether. I went up to my dad's place in the foothills where I did some conditioning work with the kettlebells and tire dragging. I also subjected my brother to the tire dragging, and he was less than pleased to find that his cardio was pretty much worthless when put to the test.
I also ran some drills on the .50 caliber rifle and 9mm pistol. My primary weapon will be a rifle, but if I have a sidearm it will be the 9mm beretta. A good weapon, and I should know as I carried one in the Marines and only had it jam twice on me in two years with the anti-terror unit, and thousands of rounds put through it.
Below is some footage I strung together. The music is kind of depressing, I know. What can you do?
One thing of note if you're an operator or weekend shooter is the use of the kettlebell swings to elevate my hear rate and get my breathing more labored before getting on target.
And yes, I know my eye was too far off the .50 scope.


  1. You're looking good Jordan! I think you're ready for anything they throw your way. Let's hope paper targets are as mean as the enemy gets. The sooner we end this senseless war the better. Be careful!

  2. Well, I thought shooting actual people for practice might be going a bit overboard.