Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A double dose of the 20 kilo

These are two videos using primarily the 20 kilo kettlebell. The first is Chris Gaines, a trainer at Equinox Palo Alto that happened to be on the field the same time I was. I like how he just tosses the 20 around like it's a toy. No, I hate it. :)

This one is of me doing a drill I used to do before I messed up my hand and became deconditioned. It is just ten squats in the rack position, and straight in to 10 snatches. I first do it with the 20 kilo, then try to roll straight into the 24 kilo, which doesn't work out so well. I think I hadn't realized how much doing everything with one arm takes out of you. On my next attempt I manage to pull out six snatches with the 24, but that's it. I'm also still conditioning my left hand after ripping the callouses off last week doing high rep snatches with the 20 kilo. Hey, it happens. I need to do some more work with the camera and editing, as the footage is looking more and more tweaked, in a bad way.

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