Friday, July 27, 2007

A trip to Girya

This morning I went down to Mark Reifkind's training studio 'Girya' in Palo Alto to watch him training one of my clients, the notorious 'Cindy'.
Yeah, that's right. You're notorious.
Mark is doing specialized training with her as she prepares for the RKC.
Mark is a Senior RKC and has forgotten more about training that you or I will ever know. His wife Tracy is a phenom, and I will soon be starting a church in Nevada where the sermons will be entirely based upon her youtube videos.
I ama big fan of learning, particularly when it comes to fitness. I can pretty much just sit and watch people train all day. It was good to watch Mark training Cindy as it gave me an idea of what they're doing, so that's we're not running over eachother (well, mostly me getting run over) as we train her separately. It was also nice to see that there were some common threads in out instruction methods and verbiage, although we definitely have uniquely different training styles.

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