Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pistols and Push Ups

I've been much more consistent about Greasing the Groove with my one legged squats and one arm push ups these days. I'm able to knock off six one armed push ups with relative ease, but I need to work on my free hand positioning. I've noticed that my tension in the free hand is good, so good in fact that I crank it so hard my wrist actually hurts. As far as the pistols, I'm able to drop below parallel finally and still feel strong, not like I'm going to fall on my ass. My incredibly slow progress on these has been totally a product of not hitting them every day the way I should be.
I've been reflecting more and more on where I sit as far as training others goes, and how I started down this path. To think it all started with Jason Brown's Workshop a little over a year ago. Before that I had been training off and on since about '99, albeit never full time. My training had been mostly the same type you see in the gym with the isolation movements and three day splits, though I was moving toward more heavy compound work and functional movements. Doing the kettlebell workshop fired me up as I saw how not strong I really was, and how little endurance I had where it counted. When I think about it, I've learned a stunning amount of information in one short year, and my training style has evolved hugely. Considering the personal tragedy and other nonsense I've gone through since January that's pretty good, and I am pleased.

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