Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kettlebell Comparison

It occurred to me that I've never done this before, so here is a comparison of kettlebells I have used extensively. I have hundreds of hours on the dragondoor, lifeline, and agatsu kettlebells.

Dragondoor- Well, duh. Excellent kettlebell, but much more expensive than any other brand. On occasion you can find them on ebay or craig's list cheaper. I found a new 32 kilo for $120 out the door on CL.

- Looks and acts almost exactly like a dragondoor, just with a rougher finish. I would powdercoat these or at least paint the bell as they'll pick up some rust if left in the elements. Using them indoors you shouldn't run into this problem. Also, much less expensive than dragondoor. Highly recommended. One thing is that if you have soft hands they're going to get conditioned quick.

- The bell itself is great. I really love the cast of these things and they have great balance. The only problem is the finish. If you use it indoors or never drop it in sand it's probably good, but it will not stand up to outdoor use.

Muscledriver- Nope. Supposedly they've put out a new formula but I'm not buying it. The ones I used had a weird balance and felt uneven. a 16 kilo felt like an 18 kilo. I actually weighed them to check.

Iron Woody- Read below.

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  1. Thank you so much for this comment.
    I am a female buying kettlesbells for indoors use in Montreal. I do have soft and sweaty hands. There are some Agatsu offline stores in Canada (at CrossFit gym), so Agatsu is much cheaper for me. Still it sounds like nothing beats dragon door. Thanks a lot for your review!