Wednesday, May 21, 2008

100 lbs. Turkish Get Up- Complete

Done and done. Not the best Get Up ever, but I did it. After a freaking year and a half I finally did it. I loaded up the barbell with exactly 100 lbs. and put it up, then brought it back down. The very last portion of the descent was rocky, but I didn't full on drop it, so I'm claiming it. Best part is that putting it up wasn't actually all that hard. I cursed at the barbell a few times, and I think that helped. I also can't ignore that I had the Jor-hawk tightened up yesterday, so clearly that was a factor.
No video unfortunately, I wasn't even able to find a spotter. I'll get some video in the next week or so.
Two goals I set when I first started kettlebells in September of 2006- Snatch the 40 kilo, and Get Up 100 lbs.
"In the old days when a young guy came to a gym and wanted to be a wrestler or strongman they taught him the Turkish Get Up before any other exercise and said 'Don't come back until you can do that with 100 lbs.' This insured he had GPP."
Those words, or a variation on them were spoken to me by Jason Brown RKC Team Leader back then, and I took them to heart. The goal seemed impossible as I struggled through Get Ups with a 16 kilo, but I figured if I stuck with anything long enough I could do it. I was right.
Guess I can go back and learn new exercises now.


  1. well done man, well done!~ thats NO joke!congrats.

  2. AWESOME, congrats on achieving both your goals. Impressive

  3. You are an insane mofo.

    Learn new exercises? WTF? You are done now. Get fat and buy a Cadillac.

  4. Thanks Rif, Joe, and Aaron.
    Now I'll be happy when I can TGU my bodyweight.

  5. Great work Jordan. All 0311s should follow your model of planning and dedication and get their gear wired in. Are you going to the CKFMS?


  6. Thanks Wil, that's high praise. I'll most likely get to the next CKFMS as I'm going to be at the RKC in LA and they're a little too close together time wise.