Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The importance of being detailed

As I tighten things up the importance of being very detailed in all that I do is coming to light. Nutrition, training, recovery, etc. must all be tracked and planned diligently. I'm going to start doing this on my training blog. If you leave anything to chance you are leaving your potential for victory to chance.
It's also important not to get distracted by flash in the pan desires. Just because I may want to TGU a certain amount or do snatches standing on a wobble board I have to look at how that factors in to my goal. I also have to look at the potential for injury doing party tricks. Things look good, and I know the only thing that can trip me up at this point is myself. Same goes for you.


  1. "If you leave anything to chance you are leaving your potential for victory to chance."

    How about "if you fail to plan you plan to fail." Now there's an epigrammatic saying for you!

  2. yeah, but mine has the word victory in it, so...

  3. party tricks will get you hurt for nothing everytime.real peaking takes planning,discipline and focus.I got hurt enough as it is trying to do it right,lol.

  4. Just don't do stupid shit, and you'll prevail.

    If you get anal about this stuff, I'm going to drive 3 blocks to the nearest gas station, park sideways, buy the shittiest snack food I can find, and then stuff my face with it. Just because you became anal.

    If you were meant to be detailed, you'd be detailed already. Simple rules are better. Eat real food. Show up on time to everything. Pay your bills when they arrive. Save money every month. Lift according to schedule, but do what feels right on a set-to-set basis.

    Improve on that if you can.

  5. Rif, you mean party tricks like clap behind the head push ups? :)

    Aaron, I've just seen a positive effect from becoming more detailed, but I agree that being obsessive is bad.
    Oh, and I snatched the 40 for three reps today.

    Just kidding. Actually, don't think of it as kidding, think of it as fortune telling.

  6. Fortune telling? That's a good one.

    I was just giving you some shit. Make things as simple as they need to be, but no more.

    It may be awhile before I hit that 40 because I want to work through the 24 again, and then the 32, hitting new PRs in everything. Who knows, though. I don't expect I'll plan for it, so it could happen soon. It's warm enough to start training outside.

  7. Jordan,

    Curious how often you're Snatching or doing any over the head lifting such as Presses each week and how many days apart are you allowing before training the same again?

    I did too much I think in the past couple weeks so this past week I had to back off from all upper body training except Yoga cause of how trashed my erectors and rhomboids were from my presses & snatching. I had to do all HIIT on my normal training days this week, but it was good. I even got a good massage and will be getting another on Tuesday. That's how bad I got.

    So what's your training frequency on average every week?

    As always thanks for the great advice. I like hearing what other people are doing.


  8. Sounds good Aaron.
    Bob, I do max VO2 with the 20 kilo or other heavy snatching three days a week and another two days of heavy deads and squats. You can track what I do in my workout log which is linked off this blog. I'm sending you an e-mail with a few things you might try to minimize unnecessary trauma.