Thursday, May 15, 2008

The supplement post

I've had a number of people ask me specifically what I use as far as supplements, vitamins, etc.

Supplements- Ok. In case you're not up on this, most supplements are trash. The only thing I use is protein. On occasion I'll use some creatine depending on training, but that's it. If there are fantastic claims on the box or a 300 pound glistening man screaming at the sun, trash it. Some of this stuff is total science fiction. As far as the protein I mix it with a carb powder, either home made or bought. Mostly just ground up oats.

Vitamins- I prefer to get my vitamins in liquid form when possible. I use Nature's Way Alive! multi-vitamin. It looks and tastes like garbage can leakage. I use a liquid glucosamine/msm for joint health.

Oils- I use Barlean's fish oil and Udo's EFA blend. Udo's goes into the veggie juice in the morning. I also use the Udo's wholesome fast food, which also goes in the veggie juice. Another udo's product I use is the pro-biotic with meals.

Hippie stuff- My vitamin regimen morning and evening is ginko (Nature's Way), tumeric force (New Chapter), zyflamend (New Chapter), Ginger Supreme (Gaia Herbs). The Tumeric and Zyflamend increase or simply correct your body's inflammatory response. This has worked great. I was having big problems with how fired up my forearms were getting, and a tightness in my right bicep that I was constantly having to rub it out. About three days on the tumeric and zyflamend and it's gone. DO NOT GET THE LIQUID ZYFLAMEND! You will die. This is the worst tasting stuff ever. I thought I could choke anything down, I was wrong. I had to buy empty caps to put it in. Also, avoid gel caps as I am told they increase inflammation.

That's mostly it. Other things will be introduced or removed and I'll update from time to time. I've got a jar of Royal Jelly, but I'm still researching that.

If you didn't see this fight check it out. The whole fight is great (and funny) but check out what happens at 8:15

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