Thursday, February 26, 2009

My first perfect pull up

I've been doing pull ups for a long time. While I was in the Marines I hit a personal best of 28 reps switching back and forth between pulls and chins. One day I did 1,000 pull ups on a bet.
On Tuesday I did my first perfect pull up. In December Pavel had given me some pull up corrections and showed me a depth of skill in the pull up that I did not even realize was there. In January at the Pendleton RKC I watched him do a pull up that I can safely describe as 'perfect'. So I've been working on all these different components, and in the midst of all my pull ups on Tuesday one was perfect. I felt it as I popped over the bar into the hollow position with seemingly little effort required, despite the 10 kg. hanging from my belt. Now I get it.
As a testament to this, my lats hurt today in places I've never felt before. The WHOLE lat is fired up. At some point I'll write up something more in-depth on this for those of you wanting to improve your pull-ups, but I need to master it myself first.

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