Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ten Blue Nails Back to Back

Technically I did 11, but only ten were back to back, with 1-2 minutes in between. I used suede pads solely because the IM pads are such a pain to keep tight when I'm doing a bunch of nails like this. Personally I can't really say the suede pads are much easier than the IM pads, at least for me.
I think Adam Glass's advice on working the other styles of bending really helped with my strength development. My wrist strength is finally coming up, but I can see it's still the weak link.
I don't want to mouth off or anything, but this was never really that hard. Mostly it was a pain tolerance issue. The final crush down on some of them wasn't quite as tight as I would have liked it, but now I know to give it an extra push.


  1. Wow Jordan! You are getting really strong bro! Looks like you've packed on some muscle I right?

  2. Thanks Franz. I've put on about 15 pounds since RKC in August. I'll probably stay around 175 as it doesn't wreck my pull ups. Any heavier and I found they start dropping off.

  3. good call. Having muscle is great....but not being able to do lots of pull ups would be a bummer. Looks like you found the perfect balance!