Monday, April 6, 2009

The 32 kg. decides to play ball, and my new house

For the past few weeks (pretty much since the RKC II Prep Workshop) I have been unable to press the 32 kg. Not just that, I haven't been able to move it out of the rack! Shameful! To go from getting 2-3 clean presses per side to nothing was horrible! Made all the worse by the act that at the end of June I have to press the 36 kg. to pass RKC 2!
Well today the 32 kg. decided to get with the program, and I pressed it easily. So what's the deal? Partially it was something I'm always telling others, but forgot myself. When you correct your technique, expect the weight to go down while you are re-learning, but don't worry because you'll come back stronger. This was the case here as well. My technique is much sharper now, and I have no doubt it will carry me to the 36 kg. and ultimately the 48 kg.
I am now taking in fully twice the calories I have been. No doubt much of the responsibility for my recent string of PR's is due to this. I just needed more food.
Oh, I also quartered 35 cards today.
Today I also received word that we got a house we've been looking at here in Menlo Park. The Vezina family has been in a decent two bedroom one bath apartment since October. It's fine, but we just needed more space. Not to mention a bad ass two car garage that will never have a car parked in it. It will become my house of pain. :)
The other day Vanessa took some promo photos for my new brochures. I've posted one below. People trust a man with a dog.

Me and Cecil Lucky Buttons Wonder Dog.


  1. Congratulations on your new digs and especially your new training area. Congrats to Cecil he's happy about having more room too.

  2. Wow this is a really great picture. Someone you know must be a really talented photograper. Wow you are so blessed to have that dog and that wonderful photographer in your life. I mean, you can just tell the person who took this picture is amazing. ;) Seriously though I am impressed with you more each day and I have a feeling these next months will be your best yet!