Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Re-orginazation of goals

After significant thought on the subject I have done some shuffling of my goals.

Red Nail
100 snatches on the 32 kg. in 5 minutes
Quarter a deck of playing cards- Preferably under 30 seconds
Leverage a 16 pound sledge hammer
Bottoms Up Press the 32 kg. kettlebell
2.5xbodyweight deadlift

Beast Challenge
100 snatches on the 32 kg. in 5 minutes with one hand switch


I may add to this or adjust it further, but that looks solid. I tore 35 cards today as I was reading Jedd Johnson's E-book on the subject, which is what inspired the quartering. I've been doing more sledge leveraging lately as well.
I have accepted that the Beast Challenge is a 2010 goal. Like I said, I think I'll pull off all three lifts in 2009, but not with the exacting precision required to get by Kenneth should he be judging. :)

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