Friday, April 3, 2009

Veering toward the right track

Training overall is going well, and I can feel I'm getting much stronger. When I don't move weight I know I should, I understand it's a factor of recovery and nutrition. I've been going hard too much and not eating enough. I've been eating much better, but I'm just not getting enough food. I love the warrior diet, but as I generally work until 9 each night it is getting harder and harder to even get a solid meal in.
I'm going to do a lot of research this weekend and next week and develop an actual meal plan. I want to optimize it to have the benefits of the warrior diet (no sugars during the day, etc.) but allow me to recover. Right now I'm just not recovering and it's starting to show.
In about two weeks I'm going to take down 50 blue nails in 30 minutes or less. It won't happen the way I'm going right now. The strength is there, but I'm running out of gas.
Part of this is that I am going against my nature. I'm designed for speed and endurance, and so of course I'm training primarily for strength. I can't help it, I love wrecking stuff and moving things that don't want to be moved.


  1. Good, I'm proud of you. Eating is good. I had been on the 2 eggs every morning diet, as well as various other high fat high calorie but healthy food. This helped me gain 12 pounds in under 2 months. It was weight I needed to gain, as I was previously 112 lbs and now I have more energy and generally feel better. Now if only I could figure out an exercise routine... Know anyone who could give me advice on that? ;-) Ha ha.

  2. Kettlebells.
    Everything is pretty much there.