Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Average To Elite crew kills the RKC

I did some math the other day and figured out that I in some way trained about 20% of the attendees at this past weekend's RKC in San Jose. Nearly all of them passed. Not only did they pass, reportedly they killed it. Some of them had their first introduction to kettlebells at one of my workshops. It is pretty cool to know that you started someone on this path, and they then picked up the ball and ran with it all the way to the RKC.

Below are Denise, Meg, and Alyssa with Team Castrogiovanni. Meg brought up an interesting point to me, which is that the three of them snatch tested together at my RKC Prep workshop and then ended up on the same team. below is the photo and then the video.

Pretty weird.

I was also priveldged to meet some of the folks who purchased my DVD including Doug Descant RKC and CJ Brown RKC.

Now it's off to the Level Two this weekend to do my own certification. :)


  1. Jordan- You can put me down as a pass too. That should bring your percentage higher. I miffed my TGU test and had to submit a video. Did the vid the next morning and got the thumbs up! Of all the moves and things we were tested for...TGU!!?? The thing I was least worried about. My adrenaline got the best of me and I got a bit happy footed. My team lead gave me the thumbs up on Monday. Hey, we know the standards for the RKC are definitely high. Thanks for all your training help.

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