Friday, February 26, 2010

RKC Level II: Day One

I am sitting here at home getting ready to hit the Tempurpedic. How nice it is to have this taking place 25 minutes from home.
Some folks think I know how to swing a bell. About two hours into this course I realized I know nothing. As the time ticked by I thought back to the blogs or posts I see every so often declaring "I don't need to spend three days learning to swing a kettlebell, it's so simple!"
Yeah, right. I realize that if I tell someone I just spent a half a day learning how to do a pull up there will be two sorts of recipients. The type who mockingly declares he does not need someone to show him how to do a pull up, and the type who is curious as to what it is we did for all that time, who approaches it with an open mind.
Consider that the entry fee includes a pull up with a 24 kg. kettlebell hanging off your foot. That is one of the three strength tests to qualify as an RKC II. So before you start spouting off, aren't you the least bit curious how a pull up with a 53 pound kettlebell hanging off your foot can be the standard?
Those who excel are doing 106 pound pull ups or more. There is a good reason, it is not coincidence.
I stepped on the scale today a little concerned I would weigh in a 169 and be required to press the 40 kg.
How did that happen? I pressed the 36 kg. easily. It felt like the 32 kg. I missed the pull up by about an inch. I know what I did wrong, and if I don't get it this weekend I will get it imminently.
All is good in the land of kettlebells and honey.

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