Sunday, February 28, 2010

RKC II: I passed!

Wow. It's over. Brain hurts. I took copious notes to try and retain as much of the information being launched at me as possible. Today I hit my 24 kg. pull up and nailed it. I passed all of my level one and two tests and am now RKC II. Not bad for a course that has had as high as an 80% failure rate if memory serves me.
To be honest I did not expect to pass. I went in barely able to press the 36 kg. (my required half body weight press) some serious flexibility issues and a jacked up left shoulder. However i just applied what I was taught and pulled it off.
A big thank you to the RKC Instructors who taught the course. No way would I have made it through without all of the information and attention I received.
If you are an RKC Instructor and think the level two is some sort of 'bonus course' or 'merit badge', guess again. This is no joke, and you will easily learn 3 times as much as you did at level one if not more.
The standards were very, very high. No one was given a free pass.


  1. you did great Jordan, very proud of you.

  2. That's a BIG mountain you climbed. Congratulations Jordan. RKC's got very high standards. Nice work.

  3. Congrats Jordan, you continue to make great progress and exapnd your tool chest and it is evident in the sheer number of people showing up at your door to learn from you as well as your increased performance! Continued success!

  4. Thank you everyone for your comments and continued support.