Friday, September 7, 2007

Article featured on

In the course of trying to spread the good word about effective training, I've started writing articles on the subject of fitness, and things related to fitness. One of my articles is currently being featured on
This article primarily relates to the business of personal training (which you know I hate) but I figure it's best if trainers have as many tools as possible to better serve their clients. This article focuses on my use of the google calendar on my website, which I would love to see more trainers start using as my clients always tell me how much they love it.
Read the article here.


  1. As I am a addict and also info freak, I went straight into your calendar article today. And then to the website. And then to the kettlebells and - wow! - what an interesting combination! But what really knocked me out was the "subscribe to the blog ... (not really)". Just great!

  2. Thanks Marilia, I'm glad you were so impressed by my subscribe button. :)