Monday, September 24, 2007

Getting over yourself in the name of fitness

Intellectual honesty and humility tend to go hand in hand. I run into too many people who are so entrenched in the way that they do things, that even in the face of very clear logic they refuse to change. To make matters worse, their clients suffer from their inflexibility. For many years I trained with bodybuilding style isolation movements, split up my cardio, did all the stuff that I now know is not the most effective. When I was introduced to kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, Olympic lifting, etc. it would have been easy for me to ignore it. After all, I had years invested in the style of training I was doing, and I essentially had to go back to square one. I had to be humble, and learn. Too many are unwilling to do this.
I know an individual who is a good trainer, but every time I bring up crossfit or strongman style 'underground' training I get the same 'look'. The one that is essentially a roll of the eyes. He's just not going to learn, because obviously anything he doesn't already know can't be that great. The thing is, even if you aren't into the crossfit style of training, that website has become a huge repository of quality training knowledge. Articles, videos, etc. from people who really know what they are talking about.
I guess the point of this is that we should never let the fact that we must admit we don't know it all impede us from learning. After all, learning is one of life's greatest neverending journeys. That, and trying to drive from the North Bay to San Francisco during rush hour.

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