Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Switching Over

It's weird to feel your body switching over from one form of homeostasis to another. My body's 'internal environment' has been one of improper exercise, bad nutrition, and enough caffeine to kill an average person. Partially this is because I am lazy, but also because I am busy, busy, busy.
Realizing I was going to eventually hit the wall, I started putting changes into effect. More vegetables, fruit (berries in particular), no more frozen thingies from the supermarket, more foods that have a shorter chain from the source, little to no caffeine, and no more processed sugars.
When I get up in the morning I run through joint mobility drills and let my body wake up in it's own time. Just getting things moving does wonders for opening your eyes. I have myself some berry juice, and a few hundred rotations of various joints, and I'm on my way. This is the way to do it, for sure.
We are so focused on the obvious physical changes which occur with exercise, that sometimes we forget there is a whole other universe residing within this flesh that also requires care.
By the way, this video is freaking awesome.

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