Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rich Franklin's Workout

I'm not trying to take anything away from Franklin or his trainer. I'm sure this guy is good at what he does, but fight conditioning ain't it. I know a lot of times people have a trainer and can't stand to cut them loose, and maybe that's what's happening here. Doing a circuit of isolation movements will not condition you properly for the ring. Sorry. The fact that Franklin won for so long does nothing to validate this training either. The guy is obviously a very skilled fighter, but I've noticed his lack of conditioning before. I mean REAL conditioning. I also refuse to believe the cameras just didn't catch the really hard exercises.
I've noticed the college wrestlers who get into MMA are training right, so there's something there. There are plenty of fighters out there using kbells, pulling tires, doing sandbag training, etc. So what gives? I think a lot of fighters are pretty close minded. I recall talking to a guy at Fairtex in SF about my style of training, and he informed me that he gets all the conditioning he needs from his fight training.
If I was training him this mofo would be swinging kettlebells, pulling tires, lifting kegs, etc. I refuse to believe there is some 'secret magic' in this long bodybuilding routine that I'm not getting. Rich, if you think you're nervous getting ready for this workout, you're walking on the wrong road.

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