Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The 40 kilo has been snatched.

Today at Girya I decided to just snatch the thing. Got it going with some high pulls, and it wasn't the prettiest ever, but at the end I locked it out overhead and that's what matters. I'm not going to say it went up easy, but it was easier than expected, and on the first high pull I know I could have punched through, but decided to play it safe. I think my "Oh yeah!" is the most entertaining part. I also tacked on a 40 kilo Get Up. It was kind of a mess, I need to keep that foot planted.


  1. Thanks Aaron. Just make sure you have a good exclamation when you snatch it. I was going to use the hand gesture developed by Road Dog from the WWF circa 1999, but didn't have two free hands.
    Love you too babe. Not you Aaron, the hot girl in the dress.

  2. jordan,

    You did that alone @ Girya? Crazy! Snatching that thing is no stinkin' joke, lol! Great job.

  3. Thanks Tracy, but I wasn't alone, I had a video camera! Seriously though, I started training for it after the TSC working my way up through the 28 and 32. When I decide to snatch the 48 kg. I'll definitely have medical assistance standing by. :)

  4. I'm going to snatch that bastard and do it for reps. If I fail, the video might be funny.