Friday, November 7, 2008

Beast Challenge on hold

I have decided to put off my Beast Challenge date to the June RKC II or the UCLA RKC in August. My presses and pistols are going fine, but my pull ups are getting killed as I keep putting on weight. Today I weighed 174 lbs., a full 14 pounds heavier than I was at the August RKC. I'm holding ground on the pull ups, but since I'm planning on taking this all the way to 180 I don't realistically expect to pull what I need to.
So I will continue training for it, but will start prepping for the April TSC on Jan. 1st.
My strength levels are way up, and I'm confident I'll have a 425 lbs. deadlift before the year is out. The squatting is helping immensely, and the generation of radiant tension during the nail bending is translating well to my pulls.

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