Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tara gets up the 24 kg., Bert pulls 300 lbs., and Todd passes his snatch test.

The past couple of weeks have been pretty big in terms of client PR's, and just everyone taking a leap ahead in terms of their strength and conditioning.
I started working with Tara Robertson back in March I believe, and she really took her training by the horns and stuck with it. Now she is swinging the 24 kg., hitting 50 sets of 6 reps on the 16 kg. for max vo2, and confidently doing TGU with the 24 kg. This February she will be attending the RKC in San Jose.
Bert has been battling his way toward a 300 pound deadlift for two years now, ever since I introduced him to the exercise at Equinox. He missed all three attempts at the TSC in September, but today he pulled a solid 300 pound deadlift. It will only get better from here.
When Todd and I started training in July 2007 he could barely swing the 16 kg. for ten reps. This Saturday he hit his RKC snatch test number on the 24 kg. For those interested nearly all his snatching was done vo2 style with the 16 kg. He did a few runs of snatches on the minute with the 20 kg. but this was his first time ever doing a significant number of snatches on the 24 kg. He is also doing get ups with the 32 kg. kettlebell.

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  1. Awesome work to everyone! I love hearing success stories. Congrats.