Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Canine Companions for Independence

We have a new dog now courtesy of CCI in Santa Rosa. Vanessa had to attend a two week course with her son Josh to learn how to properly handle him, and now Cecil is a part of the family. This dog is like wicked smart. He obeys all of the common commands, and he can also perform more advanced tasks such as picking up clothes and putting them in the laundry, getting things out of the refrigerator, opening and closing doors, and other things.
If you have a moment you can learn more about CCI here.
I think this is a pretty great program to serve not only the physical, but also the emotional needs of special needs children and adults. I used to think it was only the blind who used service dogs, but I have found that many types of disabilities can benefit from the assistance of a dog. Those prone to serious (Read: life threatening) seizures use dogs to detect when a seizure is coming.
I think the below video is a pretty good example of the emotional aspect, as it's easy for us to forget how secluded special needs children can feel from the rest of society.

Below is a photo of Cecil.


  1. How are you doing with overhead presses?

  2. Going well. I'm doing everything with kettlebells as my body has never liked pressing barbells overhead. I'm rapidly closing in on a clean press of the 40 kg.

  3. Excellent. When I pressed the 40, it was after 7 or 8 failed attempts in the same session. After the last failure, I just got mad and immediately tried it on my weak side. Went right up. A minute later, it went up on the first side.

    I guess what I'm saying is keep at it.

  4. Good advice, thanks. I think a lot of it is mental for me at this point.

  5. Thank God Cecil has such a better voice than that little black dog in the video. Cecil rocks that dog out of the park. That dogs voice is annoying bordering on condesending. Seriously the commercial and script are on point, if you mute it with captions. Im drafting a letter to the CCI PR department right now