Saturday, November 1, 2008

32 kg. Pistol and Beast Challenge Status

I've done this once before, but this was much cleaner. I just barely tapped the ground with my forward foot. I've improved my hamstring flexibility, so it's much better than last time. I can see I unloaded my tension too quickly (about halfway up) and I need to stay on top of that until the end. I know I could do a 36 right now if I had one. So my beast challenge stats as of this moment are as follows.
Press- 36 kg.
Pistol- 36 kg.
Pull Up- 28 kg.

I have three months left to train for this thing. I have no doubt I'll get the pistol and the press, I just need to start working the pull ups harder. It doesn't help that I'm a full 14 pounds heavier than I was at the RKC, and 8 pounds heavier than I was at the TSC. I'm going to put the breaks on at 180 and game it out from there.


  1. Jordan you are progressing well. Slow and steady wins the race. Keep up the strong work!

  2. Jordan

    good stuff man. You know this--If it was easy it would not be worth doing! I cannot say if you will get it at the target date, but my money says you will get it!

  3. Thanks Matt and Adam, the encouragement is appreciated.

  4. 32kg......the 40kg is next!

    Nice job Jordan!

  5. The extra weight ought to help with the press and the pistol. The pullup? Not so much. But you already know that.

    See what you can do, bro. You're going to get stronger no matter what.

  6. Thanks Aaron. You're the shit. I know this, because you can military press 170 pounds at a bodyweight of 150. :)

  7. Thanks Franz. I definitely feel the 40 is within reach.