Saturday, November 15, 2008

I have taken down the yellow nail.

Finally. Today I bent two yellow nails, the equivalent of two 60 penny nails. The first one I braced against my leg to get the initial kink and then it went down from there. The second one I decided to try without bracing against my leg, and I got it as well. I had started off bending the greens, but they felt waaay easier than usual, so I just went for it. I also busted out a couple of green nail bends inside of pistols, which I have photos of below. Not the prettiest things ever, but it worked for the odd angle bends.
I also pressed the 40 kg., albeit with a slight bump from the knees. I will press it strictly before the year is out.
Today I weigh 175 pounds.

I did manage to get butt to the floor, the camera just didn't catch that. I only get the initial kink in the bottom position as I can't crush down at arm's length... yet.


  1. Facial hair makes you stronger...fact!

    Strong work dude

  2. You know, I do believe the beard makes me stronger. :)

  3. You're definitely a handsome devil. I think the beard should stay.

    Nice job pressing that 40.

    The pistol-position bending is extremely creative. I think you're really onto something with all the nutty stuff you do. It's strength-training kung fu.

  4. Thanks Aaron. I do believe there is a use for the bend inside the pistol. Next up I'm going to bend a kettlebell.