Monday, March 30, 2009

20 Blue Nails and 10 Grade 2 Bolts in a row

The other night I decided to bend pretty much everything I have left within reason. This amounted to 20 Blue Nails and 10 Grade 2 Bolts. The last 4 blue nails had a half inch cut off them, which made the finish much harder. All told I can't say this was that hard. I'm not completely satisfied with my technique, but it worked.

Full video here.


  1. When are they announcing the new new snatch test? What will it be for gals?

  2. I'm not sure when it will be formally announced. I don't believe the decision has been made on what it will be for women.

  3. Jordan, as a big heavy guy who will have to do 100 snatches regardless, thanks for making such a fuss about it. Take all the credit. Take it!

    Nice work on those nails. They never saw what hit them.

  4. Thanks Josh. I'm going to try to take out 50 60D nails in a couple week. I think they might hit back a little. :)