Monday, October 12, 2009

Big food is going to make Big Tobacco look like Mother Theresa

Over the last few months I've been taking baby steps to clean up my diet. This is the only way for me to do it. Of late I'm making my final strike against sugar, dairy, and pasteurization. Go stand in the drink aisle and try to find something that isn't pasteurized and doesn't have any extra sugar in it. It's hours of fun.
Just to be clear, the dairy thing is unique to me. I don't think there's anything wrong with dairy, I just can't handle it. The anti-pasteurization thing is just me being weird, I do not recommend it for you.
The more I read and look at things like cancer rates and the rise of other forms of malignant disease during the 20th century I can't ignore the following conclusion.
I think Big Food is killing more people than Big Tobacco. I might be way off on this, but it's my blog.
You can reasonably expect to get cancer or some other malignant disease in your lifetime. Someone you know will die of cancer. ALL OF YOU. Does this strike anyone as odd?
Think about it this way: People like to point the finger, just not at themselves. In the heyday of smoking what was the percentage of the population smoking cigarettes? I have no idea and don't care to research it, but let's say 50%. Well that still leaves half the population to condemn and feel good about themselves. Now let's look at Big Food. What's the percentage of the population eating fast food or processed foods? 99%? Maybe 95%? That's a big number. Acknowledging this creates a huge job. You have to re-engineer the whole system. You also have to get all of the sugar addicts and chemical addicts to stop looking for their fix.
Everyone wants to talk about the obesity epidemic, but everyone wants to work around the problem. Let's exercise! Let's get rid of coke machines in schools! Well duh.
Until we get to the point where we stop thinking it's okay to replace sugar with chemicals (diet soda anyone?) we're pretty much screwed.
We have to change the way we think, and what has become our nature.


  1. Nice commentary and I hope you do find that raw dairy products do you good. They are very akin to yougurt in that they help to heal your digestive system with all of their wonderful probiotic bacteria. Additionally, the fat is more beneficial being that it isn't homogenized, the protein is untainted and the sugars are easily processed.

    I am currently working on an article about "Superfoods". Besides raw dairy...look into Brewer's Yeast and Traditional Broths. Gelatin and the vitamins/minerals from marrow must be enjoyed!

  2. Thanks Eric. Let me know when your article comes out, or if it's posted on your blog I'll catch it.
    I will enjoy my marrow.
    That sounds weird.