Sunday, October 18, 2009

A week without sugar

For the past week I have had zero additional sugar. This means I have not eaten or drank anything that had sugar added to it. This was not easy as I am a sugar addict and have been my entire life. However after reading Nourishing Traditions and beginning to work my way through The China Study as well as other books and articles I have come to the conclusion that sugar is doing me no favors.
I've found it to be interesting how many people are dismayed and bordering on being offended that I would give up sugar. What exactly are the health benefits of taking in mass amounts of sugar? Oh that's right... there are none.
Then I have people suggesting chemical alternatives. People! Do not trade a sugar for a chemical. That does not make a lick of sense.
So what has my experience been this week? I feel much better. I am getting stronger, I am functioning more efficiently, and in just seven days I am noticeably leaner. It isn't just the absence of empty calories either. I think the whole mechanism runs more smoothly when you aren't monkeying with all of the essential reactions.
So I have to ask: What has sugar done for you lately?

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