Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hardstyle Ventura

Saturday I was in Ventura, CA for Pavel's Hardstyle workshop. Talk about information overload. I am continually amazed by the depth of technique there is to everything we do, and the amount of collective knowledge possessed by all of the upper level RKC instructors. Met Paul Daniels RKC Team Leader again and he gave me some essential pieces I have been missing from my military press. Adding to that everything Pavel taught us, and the 40 kg. is going down soon after a long battle. Dave Whitley took the time to look at my card tearing technique. He handed me one of his decks and asked me to tear it. I looked at it. I had seen the type of deck before because I have a stack of them on my shelf. I have barely been able to put a dent in them. The decks I usually tear have no plastic coating. Well I wasn't about to turn into a whining little sissy, so I said a silent prayer and went at it. I flaked a lot of cards off the deck in the attempt, but eventually tore it in half. I mean it was UGLY, but it happened. Dave gave me some good advice I had already been considering, but his additional insights just solidified it. I'll be working on the style of tearing Adam Glass uses. It's more versatile and is more of a testament of true grip strength. I have a long road ahead of me. Fortunately I have big feet and a long stride.

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  1. Thanks for being there Jordan to participate and document. Info overload is right. You did teach those a cards a lesson though! Keep it up. Hardstyle principles rule!