Thursday, October 1, 2009

A few inches from a 32 kg. bottoms up press...

is still not a 32 kg. bottoms up press.
I haven't posted about it but I've been back on Adam Glass's pressing program for about two weeks now. Tomorrow is my second heavy day. Things are turbulent right now and I wanted to make sure I could stay on it with my schedule how it is before I said anything.
Before today I have never been able to get a 32 kg. out of the rack in the bottoms up position. Today I not only got it out of the rack, but was only inches away from completing the press. This is why I love video. When I went back and watched the failed attempt I saw the exact moment my shoulder popped out of the socket and I lost it. I think if I just keep it sucked in and grind through I'll get it.


  1. Forearm angle is photo still suggests room for improvement. Glad you're enjoying it. Those who stuck to it moved up 100% of the time, as will you. Must be time for me to start charging for programs...Keep up the great work Jordan

  2. Thanks for checking in Adam. You are correct in your assessment of my forearm angle. I am working on getting it dialed in before I attempt the 32 kg. again.