Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Battling the mis-information Pt. 2

"I'm going to the RKC to learn how to use kettlebells."
Yeah, good luck with that.
You're going to the RKC to perfect your use of kettlebells, and to understand the system with which we use them. If you show up at the RKC without already having a solid grasp on the six core techniques (Swing, Get Up, Squat, Clean, Press, Snatch) you will be crushed.
While we work to refine your ability to safely and effectively use kettlebells, this is not about the kettlebell. You can apply the Hard-Style system of training to anything. Barbells, sandbags, bodyweight, it doesn't matter.
I hear comments from people all the time about how the RKC is a 'rip off' or "I don't need to attend a three day course to learn how to swing a kettlebell."
Well I guess that would explain why you swing kettlebells the way you do.
As to the 'rip off' comment, well... what is there to say? This isn't exactly an algebra equation. Half a dozen paid instructors, another 15-20 voluntary assistant instructors, thousands and thousands of pounds of kettlebells shipped across the country in some cases, years of experience from hundreds of instructors distilled down into a manual you get... you do the math. If you think you can pull this off cheaper than the RKC does be my guest. If you don't understand the value in it, I can't help you.
My friend Nick used to say "Do it right the first time and you won't have to do it again." I've lost track of all the people who second guessed my advice and just ended up following it later. It's like the kettlebell itself. I tell people to pay for quality. They second guess me. After the off brand kettlebell has finally torqued their wrist or the vinyl covering has taken the skin off their forearm one too many times they just end up buying a quality kettlebell. Same thing with RKC. After they go to some BS course with a guy in a community rec center for a day they just end up going to RKC anyway, less the $500 they blew inflating someone's ego.
I'll tell you something about myself. I don't send clients to the RKC. I see that a lot, and it's cool, but it's not my bag. Have I had clients go to the RKC? Yes. I had one go all the way to RKC II. I'm prepping half a dozen right now who are going in February. They all came to me. I'll mention it, but I never push it. Personally, I just don't think it's necessary for most of them. That's just me.
Trainers? If you're using kettlebells with your clients and you don't see the value in this, again I cannot help you. No one can. I've seen websites for personal training studios with kettlebells plastered all over the website, and not a single RKC or HKC trainer on staff. It is reflected in what I see their clients doing in photos and videos. As to the cost again, I think it's hilarious when trainers complain about the expense. You charge $100 an hour. Are you serious?
Someone slashed my tires last night. Which may help to explain the tone of this post.


  1. Jordan,

    They say you can understand a person by the company they keep. That's all I can say about this.

    Train with purpose,

    Sandy Sommer RKC

  2. Slashed your tires!?! Total bummer. Sorry to hear that. Someone needs to get a life.

    Please keep up the great work Jordan.

    Mike C